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Will Oregon Start Taxing Electronic Cigarettes?

Smoking cigarettes is a really expensive habit. If you have a one pack a day habit, over the course of a single year, you would have spent close to $3,000 dollars. By comparison according to e cigarette reviews consumer reports, you can get the exact same number of puffs from electronic cigarettes, but only spend about $600, total.

The savings is one of the reasons that so many people have made the change from standard cigarettes to the best electronic cigarette.

The thing about standard cigarettes is that the actual cost of the cigarette itself really isn’t that bad. The reason you spend so much money each time you buy a pack is because of taxes. Both the state and federal government have attached a high number of taxes to all tobacco products.

The explanation the government gives for the high taxes is that the money will be used to help offset medical expenses that smokers incur if they develop any of the severe diseases commonly associated with smoking. In addition to using the tobacco tax for outstanding medical debt, the government also uses the cigarette tax to help fund other projects. It’s a source of revenue that the government really doesn’t want to lose, which is probably one of the reasons the FDA has been reluctant to even consider the possibility of approving electronic cigarettes.

If you live in the state of Oregon and have started to use electronic cigarettes, you need to brace yourself. It’s possible that you’re going to end up having to pay more for your electronic cigarettes. The idea of taxing electronic cigarettes is something that both the House of Representatives and Senate have started to give some serious consideration to. One representative in particular, Phil Barnhart, would like to see the taxes become a reality. He feels that since the vapor juice contains nicotine, an addictive substance, the battery powered vaporizers should be eligible for special taxes. He feels that taxing electronic cigarettes would be an excellent way to create some extra income for the state, a portion of which he would use to help educate kids on the dangers of smoking and addictive substances. He hasn’t said how they would handle the sale of the vapor juice that doesn’t contain nicotine.

Placing taxes on electronic cigarettes won’t be easy. Oregon, as well as 48 other states have guidelines and standards regarding tobacco taxation laws. The way those laws are currently written means that electronic cigarettes aren’t eligible for the tobacco tax. Before anything could be done, the state would have to amend their laws to include liquid nicotine.

Even if Oregon does decide to place a tax on electronic cigarettes, it will be awhile before the taxes would kick in. On the other hand, it Oregon does eventually pass the tax, it probably wouldn’t take very long before other states followed suit. If you enjoy vaping, it might not be a bad idea to start picking up extra vapor juice cartridges and saving them in a safe place.

Benefits of Being a Foreign Exchange Student

If you have an opportunity to be a foreign exchange student, you should take advantage of the situation and sign up for the program as quickly as possible. You won’t believe all the different ways your life will be enriched.

Gain Intimate Knowledge of a Brand New Culture – Being a foreign exchange student means you’ll be immersed in the local culture, experiencing it in a way you wouldn’t have been able to if you merely visited. You’ll participate in holiday customs, become immersed in local traditions, and learn what makes the part of the world you’re staying different and special. The longer your stint as a foreign exchange student, the better your understanding of this different culture will become. The great thing is that while you’re learning about the local culture, you can teach your host family all about your own culture!

Broaden your Horizons – Being a foreign exchange student provides you with an excellent opportunity to travel. While you’re friends and family go through life without ever leaving their home country, you’ll become accustomed to visiting all sorts of new places. Don’t be surprised if your experiences as a foreign exchange student triggers a sense of wanderlust in you that sends you all over the world.

Make New Connections – Hopefully, during your time as a foreign exchange student, you’ll meet people who will become lifelong friends and possibly even professional allies. When the exchange program works the way it’s supposed to, you live with a specific family and become an important part of their lives. Even after you return to your home, it’s likely that the bond will remain and everyone will be included in important events for the rest of your life. Don’t be surprised if you end up loving your exchange family as much as you love your own.

Things you Must Do While Vacationing in Hong Kong

If you’re looking for someplace unique for your next vacation, you should really give some thought to traveling to Hong Kong. The Chinese territory has an interesting history and culture that make it a fascinating vacation destination. If you think Hong Kong sounds cool, there are a few places you’ll want to include on your itinerary.

A Hong Kong Tour – Although Hong Kong is designed to be easily traveled on foot, the only real way to truly appreciate the beauty of the area is via a helicopter or boat tour. Not only will the tour provide you with some breathtaking views of Hong Kong, but if you have a good tour guide, they’ll provide you with all sorts of insight into the history of the area. Most people opt to take a tour when they first arrive in the city, which provides them with an opportunity to make note of anything that looks interesting and that they want to look at more closely.

Shoppers Paradise – If you like to shop, you’ll adore Hong Kong. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for great deals on touristy type items or if you’re in the market for designer clothing, you’ll find plenty of stores in Hong Kong that have exactly what you’re looking for.

Stunning Architecture – Like New York, Hong Kong is a relatively small piece of land that is home to a large group of people, which forces local architects to make some interesting design choices when they’re creating a new building. The final result is an interesting skyline and some buildings that are breathtakingly beautiful.

Since Hong Kong is full of shopping, museums, parks, and fishing choices, you’ll have plenty to keep your happy and occupied during your vacation there.

Why Is Hong Kong So Popular For Businesses?

When you look at the tags in your clothes there is a really good chance that you will see a tag that says your garment was made in Hong Kong. I used to laugh this off but I have started to ask questions about this. The main reason I ask these questions is that when I visited Hong Kong a few years ago all of their clothing was made in Hong Kong as well. Some would have you think that we have free trade in this world and especially in the USA but that is not the case. We do not have free trade. We are being ripped off worldwide. The Hong Kong clothing is just one example. Another example is how many of our manufacturing jobs have been shipped to places like Hong Kong. Again I must ask the simple question of whether or not the Hong Kong people are more skilled than the American? Obviously they are not. We are all equals in my eyes but I would have to say that when it comes to making items America is the best and brightest.

So what is the draw for business to a place like Hong Kong? It is the lower tax rate. Plain and simple it always boils down to money. The business people are always going to look at the bottom line and the tax rates are lower and the pay rates are lower. Further, the benefits packages are lower. Until we are able and willing to fight on level playing ground we are always going to lose because we are a unionized economy in the USA and we are the most taxed people in the world.

Three Places to Visit in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an interesting place to visit. It’s a tiny colony that belonged to Great Britain for a long time and recently reverted back to China. No matter what your interests might be, you’re sure to find plenty of things to do in Hong Kong to keep you entertained.

Victoria Harbor

When you see stock photos of Hong Kong’s skyline, it’s likely that you’re actually looking at Victoria Harbor. Four of the tallest buildings in the world are located in this area. While you’re in this city you should take advantage of having the ability to go on ferry rides, enjoy the Symphony of Lights that takes place each night, and go hiking along the coast line. You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to go shopping while in Victoria Harbor.

Great things to do while you’re in Victoria Harbor include visiting:

• The Avenue of the Stars

• Hong Kong Cultural Center

• The Hong Kong City Church

• Victoria Peak

Ngong Ping 360

There’s a reason that Ngong Ping 360 has become one of the most visited places in Hong Kong. You will find Ngong Ping 360 on Lantau Island and it’s one of the few places in the world where you can enjoy a dazzling 360 degree view of everything around you. In order to reach Ngong Ping 360, you’ll take a cable car. Once there you will be treated to a variety of dining and shopping options. There’s a 360 degree sky lounge. Most visitors consider this a very romantic travel destination.

Botanical Gardens

The Hong Kong Botanical Garden is more than 130 years old. While the botanical garden isn’t as large as what you might find in other countries, you will be impressed by the sheer number and artful arrangements of the plants. In addition to lovely native plants, you will also see an assortment of wildlife, including turtles, jaguars, snakes, and porcupines.

How Much Do You Know About Hong Kong?

There have been many times since I have been a parent that I wished that I had paid better attention when I was in class in high school and college. Not only do my kids like to ask me many questions that I do not know the answer to, that is until I Google it, but they often need help when it comes to doing their homework. And now that they are old enough that they are starting to have to do research and write reports, I feel like I should be able to help them without resorting to going online and looking for answers.

This time, my daughter is writing a report for one of her classes on Hong Kong. I may have been fine with helping her had it been a city somewhere in the United States, but I know nothing about Hong Kong. I am not even sure if they speak only Chinese or if there is a specific dialogue that the residents of Hong Kong prefer to use in conversation. It really is a place that is foreign to me and not just geographically.

The only benefit that I see to my daughter asking me to help her with this report is that I get to learn more than I thought I ever would about Hong Kong and the people that live there. I am kind of excited about that, but at the same time I wish I already knew how they live their lives in Hong Kong. Perhaps I need to take some time and research other topics I know nothing about before the next report is due. I might just get lucky and be able to answer some of the kids questions without the help of Google!

Hong Kong News Announces Teen Ecig Use Has Surpassed Smoking

I was recently traveling to Hong Kong and I came across a very disturbing article. Well the article was not disturbing for me. It was disturbing for the tobacco companies. As I read through the article I learned that teen ecig use has surpassed smoking. For many years the teen smoking issues have been hotly debated and others have ignored them. The truth of the matter is that there are still millions of young folks that are using the tobacco and they need to stop. Thankfully the ecig is helping but there is much work yet to be done. I would like to take the time to explain why teen ecig use has surpassed smoking. It might surprise some folks and it might enlighten others. Let get started.

The first thing I would like to point out is that ecigs are much cleaner and safer when compared to cigarettes. Are they 100% safe? Obviously not. Anytime you add something to your body you are changing the chemistry. But when compared to cigarettes they are much safer. Teen ecig use has surpassed smoking because kids realize that the smoking is killing them. Many kids have watched their grandparents, as well as their parents, suffer from serious illness that is associated with smoking tobacco. This is one reason why they are using the ecig more often. It is not the primary reason in my opinion but it is a huge reason.

I would also say that teen ecig use has surpassed smoking because of the options that are available to the people. Cigarettes offer 2 basic flavors and 2 basic strengths. When it comes to variety smoking is not the place to look. Ecigs, on the other hand, offer hundreds of flavors and they offer many different strength levels. In fact, nicotine levels can range from 0 all the way to 24 milligrams by volume. That is a huge difference when compared to cigarettes. You can imagine how impressed I was that the Hong Kong newspaper was getting all of this right. I am so used to the American media distorting the facts that I was blown away by the truth. Who would have thought that the Chinese would offer real truth?

Teen ecig use has surpassed smoking because the kids of today understand that smoking is bad and that it harms the body. They also understand that they like to be independent and they like making their own choices. The ecig allows this. They have the choice to avoid nicotine as well as tobacco. This makes the choice very easy in my mind. All this from the Hong Kong Newspaper.

Reading MsPrepper In Hong Kong

As a seasoned business traveler I must admit that there are times when I really get tired of the job. I have been in international business for almost 12 years now and during that time I have traveled to over 160 countries. I have had meetings with some of the most powerful leaders and some of the wealthiest people. I have sold items and closed deals and I have had the distinction of being called the closer. All of these things are clear. However there is one way that I have been able to handle the pains of traveling. I am able to stay connected to home through a very popular website called MsPrepper. This site is all about helping the common folks and making sure that we all understand the best way to handle a crisis situation.

The main point behind MsPrepper is actually prepping for a disaster. We have all heard about the many millions of people that are preppers. However have you ever taken the time to read the information or to actually try and understand the concepts they are teaching? The truth of the mater is that this type of information is the key to survival. So what does this have to do with my most recent trip to Hong Kong? I was sitting in Hong Kong and I was really missing my family. I was in the 18 floor of the high-rise hotel and I needed to have some type of connection with my people back home. So I jumped on the Internet and decided to see if I could find the site MsPrepper. I was able to find the site rather easily, which was a surprise since I was in Hong Kong. However I found the site and I started reading the newest articles that are posted.

MsPrepper has a lot of information and there are numerous sections with different topics as well. I personally like the sections that are dealing with topics such as water storage, water purification, tools, and even shelter building. But there is another section on MsPrepper that I am in love with. That section would be the gun and ammo section. I am a huge fan of firearms and I am also an avid collector of guns. I must say that the information given on this site is some of the best and easiest to understand.

Sure, you might be able to find more in depth information about guns and ammo but you will not find a site that makes it easier to understand. Even in the busy city of Hong Kong, I was able to read the information I love and feel like I was closer to home. Who would have thought that this could be the case when you are literally sitting in the city of Hong Kong, almost 10,000 miles away from your family? You need to check out this site.

Planning Your First Trip to Hong Kong

Getting around in Hong Kong is rather easy, but you still need to know a few tips if you are a first time visitor there. A few of those tips will be discussed in this article today. The two main languages in Hong Kong are English and Chinese. It is not imperative that you learn Chinese before you go to Hong Kong, but if you want to have some extra fun you should at least learn a few words that you can use on the locals. It is always fun to learn a new language so give it a try.

Be sure to bring a jacket along with you on your trip to Hong Kong. The reason for the jacket is because there is usually a lot of windy and it can get really cold there as well. Keep in mind that Hong Kong has a Typhoon season and this is during the months of May to November. I wouldn’t worry too much about the Typhoons however, because you will be well warned in plenty enough time to evacuate yourself and your family if one does happen to occur during your trip.

Be sure to bargain when shopping. The retailers in Hong Kong are quite use to “wheeling and dealing” as you may call it and will wonder what is wrong with you if you do not try your hand at it. You will likely come home with quite a few treasures for very little money! Hong Kong is an exciting place to visit so be sure to take your camera along with you so that you don’t miss a single thing about your trip! Enjoy!

Travel Tips For Hong Kong

If you are looking to go to Hong Kong but you don’t have an endless amount of money to spend, you may want to read this article to get a few ideas to help save you some money. Hong Kong can get real expensive real fast so take heed to these ideas so that you don’t go broke before you get there!

If you want to do some things in Hong Kong that aren’t going to break your piggy bank then you have come to the right place! One of the things you can do in Hong Kong that won’t cost you and arm and a leg is to visit all the local markets. You can purchase all sorts of things there from food to clothes and sometimes you may even be able to take in a little show. You never know what you might see at a Hong Kong market. Rest assured you will have a good time and you won’t go away feeling like you don’t have any money left in your pockets.

Another great thing to do while in Hong Kong is to visit the Wong Tai Sin Temple. Some people believe that this temple has healing powers. Whether or not you believe that is up to you but it is a free attraction that is quite interesting to say the least. It is one of the busiest temples in Hong Kong so be prepared to be around a lot of folks who are trying to have a good frugal time just like you. You can make a donation if you would like to as donations are accepted. You should also take time to visit the nearby Good Wish Gardens.

Base Jumping in Hong Kong

I have always been a fan of adrenaline. From the time that I was a young boy, I can remember climbing trees and jumping out of them. My mother would always yell at me to stop or to get down, but I would always go right back to it. For many years I have sought the next thrill. I have raced cars, raced horses, I have climbed mountains and I have jumped out of airplanes. You name it and I have probably tried it. There is nothing I like more than getting that rush from doing something that is dangerous. However I recently stepped up my game and decided hat I would try a new sport. This is an extreme sport and it is very dangerous. I have recently started base-jumping. This is the practice of jumping from a very high, stationary object, and then throwing your parachute at the last possible second.

My most recent jump was in the city of Hong Kong. It was here that I was able to base jump from the IFC tower. This thing is over a thousand feet high and it was the experience of a lifetime. Standing on the tower you have the chance to see all areas of the city and the oceans as well. As I jumped from the platform my heart stopped. I fell 70 stories before I threw the chute. The fall was amazing and the rush of adrenaline was insane. I guided my chute to allow me to land on a road close to the base of the tower itself. Will I ever do this again? You better believe it. The thrill is unreal and the opportunity to do this again would make my life complete.

The Rise Of China

Over the past few weeks it has become increasingly clear that the Chinese government is interested in flexing its collective muscle. Some will say that this has already been done by the power of the Chinese economy, but the realty is that this government has done something that is fundamentally different than anything they have done in recent memory. Over the past 2 weeks the Chinese have set up a claim to the northern sea and islands that surround Japan. For those that are not aware, China and Japan are not allies and they are not interested in helping one another. This turmoil has been quiet over the past decades but from time to time it does bubble to the top. This is one of those times when the tension is rising.

What does this mean for the rest of the world? Lets look at this first from an economic perspective. The Chinese have the ability to purchase most any government that they would choose. They are continually loaning the United States money and they have vast gold reserves that dwarf anything the rest of the world has. Second, by laying claim to this area they are in essence daring the Japanese to retaliate along with the United States. Understand, the Chinese own the U.S. government simply because they are in so much debt to the Chinese. If the U.S. decided to back Japan, which they probably would, the Chinese will simply threaten the possibility of drying up the money well that the U.S. depends on. This would have serious ramifications all over the world. Also, keep in mind that the world economy runs on the U.S. dollar and the Chinese, along with the Russians, have been pushing for a new world currency.

Hong Kong Travel Tips

Hong Kong is a great place to shop if bargains are your thing. I don’t know many people who don’t like a good bargain. It is important to remember when packing for your trip to Hong Kong that you need to use luggage that is able to be nested. Basically if you get the same luggage in all different sizes you can easily fit them inside one another like those Russian dolls you have all seen before. This will help you be able to bring back as many great deals as you can fit into your bags.

A great way to find your luggage once you arrive in Hong Kong is to tie a brightly colored ribbon onto your luggage. This way, when your luggage gets mixed up with all the other travelers luggage, you will easily be able to spot yours and not have to waste a lot of unnecessary time in the air port.

Be sure to bring a map of the city with you so that once you arrive in Hong Kong you won’t have to spend so much time looking for your destinations. It’s a good idea to map out where you want to go even before you leave for your trip to Hong Kong. This way you will be able to slow down a bit and “smell the roses” without getting all worked up about finding your next place of enjoyment.

Be sure if you want to ride a taxi while in Hong Kong that you keep in mind the red ones are for the inner city and the green ones are the only taxi that can take you outside of the city.